Ich bin. bin ich?

Personal | 16.08.2016

Ich bin. bin ich?

Zentrum Schoenberg in Bern opened 2 years ago focusing on people suffering from dementia. With over 120 residents, the center contributes towards research and training of nursing staff in the field. Striving to improve the awareness of dementia in soiety I was intrusted to develope their mission statement through photography. «ich bin. bin ich?» (i am. am i ?), offers an intimate insight into the mirror of memory, being the center's residents the subjects of this photo study. the pctures were taken as they stood in front of a two-way mirror. What do they see as they gaze at themselves ? What do the photographs trigger in the beholder? We're constantly trying to preserve the image of ourselves and of our loved ones; however, what do we preserve and where is our focus ? Essential questions. My work does not pretend to give the answer but rather to focus on what is.

ich bin. bin ich?
the mirror

Prof. Dr. med. Reto W. Kressig

«The memory is our own mirror.»

ich bin. bin ich?

Das Begleitbuch wurde in der SRF Kulturplatz Sendung vorgestellt.
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The Short making-of Movie by Michael Philipp (LUXS). Michael accompanied me throughout the process of visiting the ZSB and documented all the visits on film.