Rob Lewis

Rob Lewis

(Portrait by my friend Stephen Salmieri)

The uncharted path is my first choice as I embark on the search for the perfect image. I give depth to my work by pushing myself to the limit both mentally and photographically. My goal, to deliver a viewer experience based on the perception of both strength and weakness.

Born in Barbados, at the age of six, my family relocated to Switzerland. After school I decided to follow an apprenticeship in cabinet making which abruptly ended. Next I began training in the field of multimedia and after graduating I worked as a graphic designer for six years with visu’l AG. It was during this period that I began working with photography. I travelled the world developing my photographic skills. On my return to Switzerland I enrolled at the school of design Medien Form Und Farbe in Zurich. For the last eight years I have worked as a freelance photographer. My camera has taken me far and wide and is my constant source of passion and inspiration.

My work is carried out through close dialogue with clients. The intention is always two-dimentional, the photo must carry the message and the camera must reach in and grab the truth of the moment. I work the only way I know how, hard and honest.


Helping Hands are better than talking mouths – self published

BUNG – self published


ich bin. bin ich? – Stämpfli Verlag


Co Founder of JETHA MAILA. The project is the result of the charitable motivation of the communication consultant Rolf Loepfe (JETHA) and the photographer Rob Lewis (MAILA), combined with the fascination and respect which we feel for the Nepalese people of the Himalayas. The aim of JETHA MAILA is to realize professional projects in the fields of image, text and communication, which have a high professional and artistic aspiration and create direct benefits for the mountain population in Nepal.


In December 2013 I Co Founder I have been working passionately and with dedication for the program. For more information go to »

milton productions

MILTON Productions was founded in 2017 in New York. The LLC holds all the leagle rights for my first movie Lunar Tribute.